Youtube is a phenomenal channel to get inspired about veganism. From awakened doctors that explain the biochemical benefits of a pant based diet to Vegan bodybuilders that share there experiences, Youtube is doing a huge part in raising awareness. In this article we discuss 10 great Youtubers that surely deserve to be seen and heard!

Jenné Claiborne

On Sweet Potato Soul, Jenné Claiborne shares unique and tasty vegan recipes, ethical fashion, natural beauty, and more to help inspire a compassionate lifestyle. All of the recipes on her channel can be found in detail on her personal blog.

Jon Venus

Jon Venus is a half Brazilian half Norwegian bodybuilding powerhouse. This man has and is contributing a lot to the Vegan movement. Whether it is with his video’s about how to gain muscle on a vegan diet, or the hilarious video’s he makes about the madness behind products made from animals, Jon is certainly a person to follow. Here’s a link to Jon Venus’s Youtube channel. And don’t forget to follow his girlfriend Kathrine Moen who also contributes a lot to his video’s.

Fullyraw Kristina

Here’s a lady that truly stole our hearts. Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram has made an amazing transformation from an unhealthy, depressed human being to a glowing, very good looking woman. Her own transformation to a fully raw plant based lifestyle has inspired her to share this knowledge to other people on this earth. Her Youtube channel and fast growing brand FullyrawKristina is full of positive tips and tricks for those who also want to switch to a fullyRaw Vegan Lifestyle. We wish her all the best!

The Vegan Couple

Youtube channel The Vegan Couple is the story of Natasha and Luca. A beautiful couple that, just like us, defines the Vegan Lifestyle as more than just ending the consumption of meat and dairy products. The Vegan Couple makes great content on Veganism, Health, Fitness, Yoga, Minimalism and Travel. Super great to see two lovers find a common passion in life.

Rebecca Kinderman

Rawfully Wholesome is the name of the Youtube channel of Rebecca Kinderman. A super positive Mom of two girls who shares her life, foods, health and lifestyle tips through great Youtube video’s. It is really great to see all kinds of personalities adopt the Vegan Lifestyle and Rebecca is no exception!

Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

Colleen can best be described as a woman who has specialised herself to explain the reason behind Veganism in a relaxt and non violent way. Sometimes it is hard to convince other human beings of something that is so widely accepted as mainstream behaviour. She has her own Youtube channel and blog, and also appears on several TV programs.

John Rose

Maybe the least known man on Youtube righ now, but certainly a man from whom the world can learn an incredible amount. 63 year old John rose eats non-cooked plant based foods now for over 30 years. He is a walking dictionary and knows everything about juice fasting or solid food vacations like he likes to call it! Check out the John Rose Youtube Channel

Niomi Smart

The Youtube Lifestyle channel of 25 year old Niomi Smart from London, is massively popular. With over 1,7 MILLION subscribers it certainly is one of the biggest channels on the plant based lifestyle. Niomi is dedicated and passionate about leading a healthy, plant-based lifestyle, which has led her to write the cookbook Eat Smart.

Carli Bybel

Not primarily focussed on Veganism with her Youtube channel, but certainly good to see her in this list. Carli focusses with her channel on fashion, make-up and lifestyle in general. She supports veganism in the products she promotes and the foods she consumes.

Ellen Fisher

Through the Youtube channel of Ellen Fisher, one can truly experience the positive effects of The Vegan Lifestyle on a complete family of plant based hero’s. Ellen, her husband and kids travel the world and are passionate about the Raw Vegan diet. Very positive to get to see their adventures!

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