Vegan Accelerator is on a mission to restore our health, end the mistreatment of animals & improve our natural environment. We are realizing our mission by supporting initiatives in media, food and fashion with knowledge and financial means.

The Story of Vegan Accelerator is an example of idealism mixed with an Entrepreneurial mindset. Sometimes idealism alone is not powerful enough to let people see the benefits of change, but when you let the Entrepreneurial mind add a layer of convenience the end goal is achieved much smoother and faster!

Vegan Accelerator is incorporated as a non profit, but operated as a razor sharp Entrepreneurial organization. We rely on Donations from fellow Vegans and Grants from the bigger organizations.

We are housed in The Netherlands, but operate globally. Always with positive change as our end goal. Are you a game changer that needs our support? Feel free to let us hear from you. We are all in this together!

Become a vegan accelerator!