For many people, health and wellness has climbed their priority list and become a greater concern lately. Extra weight, high cholesterol levels, and constant fatigue plague countless adults around the globe. Nutritional deficits can weaken immune systems and leave people vulnerable to illness. Fortunately, these are problems that can often be remedied by changing the way you eat. A vegan meal plan can play a big part in reducing the health issues that keep many people from living their best life. 

Getting Started 
Choosing the right vegan meal plan is the first step toward achieving your plant based goals. There are so many available on the internet that it can be overwhelming at first to sort through the options. You are going to want to look for something that works with your lifestyle. Take into consideration your cooking skills, time available to prepare meals, allergies and sensitivities, cost and goals. Think about what you want to accomplish and chances are, you will find a vegan meal plan on Foodimus that is right for you.

Plan For Success
Although more and more vegan convenience items are created every day, not all of these are healthy, viable options for a vegan trying to accomplish their fitness goals. Preparation is a key to your success. Having a meal plan set up ahead of time, with snack and meal options full of protein, healthy fats, and complex carbs will keep your stomach full and your muscles supported through the toughest workout. Protein needs are different for each individual goal. Knowing how to plan is very important to the success of your plant based way of life. Using a premade meal plan that maps out all of the nutritional information can make this process so much easier. It is painstaking to try to figure out every calorie and gram of protein in an individual recipe. Meal plans like the ones on Foodimus rate the cooking level, nutritional overview, allergy information, and portion size so you know what to expect from your plan. There are also options buy a single meal plan or to get access to all meal plans for a monthly fee. This can give you peace of mind knowing that you are all set to begin your vegan journey. 

Know Your Stuff
Doing research about what you are putting in your body can help you feel empowered. Knowing that you are putting the very best fuel in your tank can give you an edge that can lead to gains in the gym, weight room, on the field or beyond. Using a meal plan like the Vegan Winter Menu, based on the Your 50 Days of Green Happiness winter book, can give you inspiration to create delicious, plant based foods. Everyone’s health could use a boost right now and this is the perfect way to prevent bloat, strengthen the immune system, and possibly even slim down. You even have the option to make multiple servings so you can plan ahead and freeze for later or feed the whole family a vegan meal you can feel good about. 

Here We Go! 
You have laid out your goals, done your research, and planned for success. You have selected the perfect meal plan from Foodimus and now you are ready to jump in, right? Staying organized and having a plan for success is going to be in your best interest. It is easy to get frustrated and quit if you attempt a complicated recipe and it doesn’t work out the way you wanted it to. Because these meal plans have kept these challenges in mind, you should be able to work through any frustrations with ease. Sometimes, authors of cookbooks seem to expect that culinary experts with a gourmet kitchen will be preparing their dishes. The recipes in this the Vegan Winter Menu give you all the information you need so that you are prepared ahead of time and know what to expect.  

One size sits all does not work when it comes to nutrition, and a plant based diet is no different. Tastes, caloric needs, allergies, and availability of resources all come into play. It is also important to take into consideration the nutritional value of the food in your meal plan. Vitamin and mineral deficit can be one issue that vegans hear about often, but is easily remedied with a wide variety of nutrient rich foods like the ones provided in the meal plan. You are able to customize to your own tastes and portion sizes. This comes in handy when you are planning for the week ahead or an entire family’s worth of meals.

With busy lives, it is easy to get caught up in convenience items like vegan burgers and chips. These are not nutritionally fulfilling and you will not end up satisfied or fueled enough to complete the tasks a busy life necessitates. If time is at a premium, meal planning is the way to go. Create ready made meals on the weekend that you can heat and serve throughout the week. This way you will always have something on hand to eat. Invest in some great containers to store your meals and snacks in and enjoy delicious meals perfectly portioned for your own individual nutritional needs. This is a problem with pre-packaged meals at grocery stores. Different bodies require different amounts of food. By meal planning, you can eliminate the guesswork that comes with packaged options. Another added bonus to using Foodimus is that your recipes will be available on any device whenever you need it. They will be updated and available daily and provide you with all of the nutritional information you need. You can even generate a shopping list to help you with shopping!

Meal Planning Steps
Once you have a goal in mind and an idea of what your body needs, which foods will be most nutrient dense, and your own tastes and cooking abilities, you are ready to begin! Here are some steps to make meal planning a successful venture:

1. Since Foodimus lays out your meal options for you, this first step is pretty simple. Make sure you are able to access the delicious recipes that you have purchased and focus on the first week. 

2. Take a moment to appreciate the lovely, delicious foods you are going to be preparing. Pay attention to the ingredient list, recipe by recipe. Take inventory of the items you already have at home. This will help you with the next step. If there is any additional kitchen equipment you may need (or if you just want to upgrade your existing items) add those to your list as well. Getting familiar with the recipes and what you may need will help give you confidence when it is time to put everything together.

3. Make a list. Trust me, you really must have a list. Whether you are going to the store or ordering online, a list keeps you organized and focused. First, see what you already have, then add the items you don’t have from the meals you focused on in the first step. Carefully go through your meal list so that you don’t buy something you already have or forget something you need. If you are preparing for more than just yourself, add more items as needed. Utilize the option to create a grocery list within the program if that makes it easier for you.

4. Do the shopping on a full stomach. If you are someone who has a problem with cookies speaking to you from the store shelves, try using an online shopping service. It eliminates the temptation to impulse buy. If you are very particular about picking produce, this may not be your best option. 

5. Once you have your groceries, organize and label if necessary. If you are using unfamiliar ingredients, check to see how they should be stored. 

6. When you are ready to prepare your meals for the week, get out you recipes and the ingredients that go with them. This is also the time to get out your storage containers for easy prep. 

7. Wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly. Do not do this too early! Some plant based foods spoil quickly after washing so hold off on this step until you are ready to make your meals. 

8. If you are roasting vegetables, set your oven to the correct temperature and line a pan with parchment. While vegetables are roasting, you can cook your rice or quinoa or whatever carbohydrates you have planned for the week. You can also soak or marinate items that may need some time to e ready for use. 

9. Once everything is cooked, washed and chopped and seasoned, it is time to put it all together. You can start with your breakfast items, then lunch and finally dinner if you want to organize by meals. Do whatever works for you, whether it’s cooking meals each day or getting several meals out of the way for the week. It might help to label the dishes if you are cooking multiples so you can stick with your plan.

10. Enjoy the delicious and healthy vegan meals that you created! 

The benefits of plant based eating speak for themselves. Vegan athletes report more energy, even after difficult workouts. Reduction in soreness is another added benefit. This allows for more efficient workouts and less recovery time afterwards. If you are looking for additional benefits to a vegan diet besides strong muscles and a healthier heart, you are in luck! You can look forward to the following benefits whether your goals are fitness based or not:

*Nails- Vegans enjoy stronger nails and hair as a result of eating plant based foods full of vitamins. 

*Skin- Clear skin is one benefit that no one will complain about after ditching meat and dairy. Hormones that are added to foods like diary can inflame and irritate skin. Cutting out those food items can lead to a glowing complexion.

*Gut Health- Getting motivated to complete a workout when you are dealing with stomach troubles is next to impossible. The added fiber that plant based eating provides can change the way your system digests food flushing out the bad and reducing bloat.

*Sweeter Sweat- Chemicals are added to meat which tend to be absorbed by the body and then released when you sweat. This is not a natural or pleasant smell. Eating mostly plants results in a more mild body odor. 

Since your recipes will always be at your fingertips, you can use the personal dashboard on Foodimus whether you are at home using your computer or on the go using your mobile device. The technology provides guidance that is consistent and educated and used by people all over the world. The user friendly system makes it convenient to discover healthy, tasty recipes that will keep you on track to accomplish your plant based goals. You also have access to an online community of like-minded individuals that you can connect with and learn from. Knowing that you are are not alone in your journey can prevent the frustration that can sometimes come with doing something new and different. Credible sources go into the creation of these meal plans, so you can feel confident sharing your healthy eating inspirational story with your friends and family on social media. Maybe you could be the catalyst for someone else’s decision to try a vegan meal plan that could change their life for the better! 

Meal planning can make life easier and improve your quality of life. Planning ahead, getting organized and educated, and shopping smart are all things that you can do to get the results you desire from you plant based meal plan. Feeling and looking better as well as growing and sculpting muscles are just some of the benefits you can expect to enjoy as you achieve your plant based goals. 

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