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Where Can I Find the Best Vegan Alternatives to my Favorite Products?

It’s time to make a drastic change. You’ve been on the fence for a while, but now you’re finally deciding to go vegan. The meat industry is horrifying, dairy is full of hormones, and fur is a waste of a beautiful animal. And let’s face it–eating red meat all the time isn’t doing your health any favors. You’re ready to switch to a healthy, plant-based diet that’s environmentally friendly and makes you feel a lot better in the process. You never drank milk much to begin with, you don’t own any leather jackets, and an increasing number of restaurants are serving plant-based dishes. This should be pretty easy, right?

But wait. Does this mean you’ll never be able to eat bacon again? Or cheese? You’re not confident in tofu’s ability to replicate a slice of cheddar cheese or a piece of crisp bacon. And you never thought about it before, but that expensive set of dress shoes in your closet is made of leather. Those workout supplements you’ve been taking before you hit the gym are loaded with animal proteins. And what if you have kids? Does vegan baby formula even exist? Going vegan is turning out to be a lot more complicated than you thought, and you’re not sure if you can sustain this lifestyle. Because as it turns out, half the items in your fridge and closet are by-products of the cruelty of the meat and dairy industry.

Is it possible to live a vegan lifestyle without disrupting every aspect of your life? Do you really have to give up your favorite foods?

Fortunately, there’s a vegan alternative for just about everything.

Discover a World of Safe, Affordable Vegan Products

If you grew up in the 90s, you probably heard the jokes about Tofurky burgers and bacon made out of tofu. In the past, seeing vegan products on grocery store shelves was a rarity. You might find a few veggie burgers in the frozen food section, but they were often tough and chewy and tasted like mushy grass. The belief that vegan alternatives are expensive and impossible to find still lingers today, which prevents a lot of people from attempting the vegan lifestyle.

In fact, the market has exploded with vegan prices in the past five years. You can get vegan eggs, vegan bacon, vegan milk, vegan ice cream, vegan sausage, and much more. Safe, cruelty-free leather alternatives have become a major player in the fashion industry, with countless brands springing up to fill the former void. Even your workout supplements can be vegan. If it has animal products, there’s probably a plant- or fruit-based alternative to it–and one site is dedicated to helping you find the products that you need. is a community of vegans just like you who come together to share reviews, recommend products, and educate themselves about living a healthy, fulfilling vegan lifestyle. The site is essentially an online library with pages covering just about every topic, from vegan cheese and ice cream to vegan clothing and protein supplements. The site also offers an extensive blog section with long-form articles that are designed to educate vegans and offer advice to help them getting the nutrients that they need. It’s clean, simple, and easy to use, and anyone can register for free. If you’re new to the vegan lifestyle, this is the perfect opportunity for you to read up before you make the plunge.

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Keep Track of Your Favorite Topics

If there’s a topic you’re particularly interested in, you can subscribe to that topic and receive an email every time new products are added. You can also sign up for the site’s newsletter to stay updated on the world of vegan products. With the vegan industry booming, new products are being added to the marketplace every day, so don’t be afraid to check back and see if you’ll discover your new favorite.

Contribute Your Unique Expertise

As you browse the page about vegan ice cream, you realize there’s a product that you like that wasn’t added to the list. Fortunately, there’s a simple form that allows you to suggest new products and have them added to the page. Unlike other “list” websites, which don’t allow outside contributions, this site offers a vibrant community that’s always making suggestions and recommendations.

If there’s a topic page that’s missing altogether, you can even make your own topic pages to help the community find all the vegan alternatives out there. You can also rate product suggestions by voting them “up” or “down” to help your fellow vegans choose the best products to buy.

Search by Topic to Get Started

Not sure where to begin? Try searching for a common topic like “chicken” or “mozzarella,” or a more specific brand like “Toblerone” or “Birkenstocks.” This site lists all the best alternatives to generic products, as well as specific brand names that you might be attached to.

Are Vegan Alternatives Worth It?

If you’ve gotten this far, you might find yourself wondering: is it really worth overhauling my entire diet for this? Can the products on this vegan website compare to traditional meat, dairy, or leather? Or will I be settling for a thin, watery, plant-based alternative that tastes nothing like the real thing?

In the past, vegan products might’ve been a pale imitation of the real thing. But with today’s modern technology, vegan brands have studied, formulated, and altered their recipes to make them as close as possible to their animal-based counterparts. The taste and texture of many vegan products is uncanny. Even some meat-eaters have been fooled in blind taste tests. And faux leather is just as soft, comfortable, and durable as real leather that was made by an expert craftsman. Even vegan supplements offer vitamins and nutrients that you wouldn’t get just by consuming animal protein.

For this reason, this site is proud to share some of the best vegan products on the Internet. The products on this site are recommendations by members of the community, not paid advertisements that were bought by the manufacturers. They’re safe, affordable, and easily accessible–many of these products can be ordered online with a few clicks of a mouse.

How Do I Sign Up?

If you’re ready to join the community and start making recommendations, sign-up is quick and easy. Simply head to the “Register” page to claim your free account today. Once you’re signed up, you’ll have full access to the website, including product recommendation, topic creation, and the voting function. You can also share pages on social media using the “share” buttons along the side of the page.

Ready to be Part of Something Bigger Than Yourself? isn’t just another vegan website. It’s an active community that’s dedicated to promotion, education, and sharing the news about the benefits of veganism. Whether you’re a vegan, a vegetarian, or simply a person who wants to develop healthier eating habits, this site is a great resource for anyone looking to better themselves.

If you’re not happy with the plant-based alternative to your favorite product, don’t settle. The days of choking down dry tofu are over. It’s time to learn how you can enjoy a rich, fulfilling lifestyle while saving the environment–and the lives of innocent animals–at the same time.

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