1. Intro

Vegan Accelerator is an initiative by people who have experienced all the positive benefits from a plant based lifestyle themselves and want to use their Entrepreneurial mindset and experience to accelerate our world towards a sustainable, healthy and non violent way of living.

  1. Mission and vision
  • Vegan Accelerator is a non profit organisation dedicated to the acceleration of the plant based lifestyle. We want to make people healthy, end the suffering of animals and help restore our polluted natural environment.
  • Vegan Accelerator is reaching out to people worldwide, as we believe the environment is a worldwide problem. We donate money and knowledge to a wide variety of initiatives to help make The Plan Based Lifestyle a mainstream and accepted way of living.
  • Vegan Accelerator will always strive to spread our message in a polite, non violent way.
  • We are a non profit and strive to use most of our funds to accelerate the Plant Based Lifestyle.
  1. Day to day activities
  • We continuously focus on online media and online marketing strategies to inform people about our standpoints and goals and ask them to join the Vegan Accelerator movement by contributing funds and/or their own presence on social media to get more people involved in our movement and accelerate our world towards a plant based lifestyle.
  • We seek to work together with online media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and advertising systems committed to helping Non Profits like Google Grants to inform people about our mission. We also actively publish meaningful content on our website which will get us visitors through worldwide search engines and social media sharing.
  • We run fundraising programs on different online media channels and organise offline events that will both spread our message and generates funds that we can donate to “Vegan Entrepreneurs”
  • We always use the same guidelines when searching for new projects to support. They are: politeness, honest intentions & community driven.
  1. Organisational structure
  • Vegan Accelerator’s day to day management comprises of: T.A.J Vermeulen (Chairman), R.J.R. Geerts (Treasurer) and R.J.A. Vermeulen (Secretary) The board is not compensated financially with the exception of an attendance fee. Further, the board comprises of two other members namely [TBD]
  1. Financial Budget
  • Vegan Accelerator is only donating funds to initiatives that help the vegan movement grow and inspire others to join the lifestyle of the future.
  • Vegan Accelerator strives to donate EUR 500.000 in 2018 to Vegan accelerating activities. We will update this number each year in according to the success rate of our fundraising activities.
  • Vegan Accelerator reserves a maximum of 10% for operational costs. Think of marketing, staff and external expenses. A minimum of 90% is used for direct donations to Vegan accelerating activities.
  1. Financial strategy
  • Our goal is to distribute all grants received in the year the funds are collected, provided that there are projects that fall in scope of our objectives. In the event there are no sufficient projects to support in the year we receive the grants we intent to distribute these the following year. In any way we will always communicate open and transparent the projects we support or about to support on the Vegan accelerator website.  
  • Further, although we strive to contribute all funds received to vegan projects, it could happen that Vegan Accelerator needs to set aside funds to support, amongst others, bigger projects in the future. It is within Vegan Accelerator’s power to decide whether or not funds received will be set aside, however such decision, to the extent this happens, will always be documented and substantiated on our website.
  • In the event funds will be set aside, Vegan Accelerator will not invest these funds in companies who do not support the vegan way of life.
  1. Attachments