With the rise of Veganism, or a plant based lifestyle as we like to call it, there appear more and more documentaries, talks and books supporting and promoting this lifestyle. We most certainly were impressed when we found this great talk by Michael Klaper. Dr. Michael Klaper is a well known face when it comes to the support of a vegan diet from the medical profession world, and in this video he discusses the biochemical aspects in great depth.

You are what you absorb

The term “You are what you eat” is a well known phrase for most people. Far more important is the phrase “You are what you absorb” Dr. Klaper explains why it is so important to use the wonders of biochemistry in order to let the body absorb as much nutrients as possible.

Be careful with multivitamin supplements!

In the early days of multivitamins, many people from the public and medical world were enthusiastically taking and promoting multivitamins. It turns out that there are many multivitamins that can cause more harm than health. The ingredients in these vitamins are heavily concentrated an lacking the natural balancing elements that make it a good nutrient. In the video Dr. Klaper discusses an example of a good supplement that is made by people who are attuned to all of this knowledge.

See salads as the main dish

Salads are not a separate part of your diner. A decent prepared salad IS the main dish. Salads are a great way to enjoy all kinds of nutritional food sources in a single meal. Use a variety of fruits and vegetables and top it of with seeds like hemp and or walnuts to make sure your body gets it’s daily doses of health promoting vitamins and minerals.

The bacteria from meat & Endotoxins

Besides the environmental damages, meat eating harms the body. That’s a fact. We are designed as a herbivore or plant eater. The bacteria on meat can cause a disease called leaky gut because of the Endotoxins from dying bacteria. Next to that, meat causes inflammatory towards the body which result in diseases like Astma, Arthritis, Auto immune diseases & Lupus.

Meat & Colon cancer

When you cook meat, carcinogens develop. So when you swallow the meat it comes in your colon. Here the carcinogens have plenty of time to scrap against the wall of your colon which is the perfect method to cause colon cancer. It is therefore not a surprise that more and more people develop colon cancer.

Modern sanitisation and the true source of vitamine b12

When you say your living on a plant based diet, one of the first arguments people make against it is “But how do you get your vitamins B12?” (Next to the “Where do you get your protein” slur off course :)) Dr. Klaper explains that vitamin b12 comes from microbes that are developing in the soils where plants grow. Grazing animals eat the grass and other plants and that’s how b12 is present in their meats. By way of modern sanitisation, the nutrient soil is washed away and with it the microbes and the b12.

“Eat food as grown”

Dr Klaper, just like many other plant based supporters from the medical world, advocates for whole foods plant based meals from 100% original food sources. Avoid processed foods and try to buy organic.

Assure iodine sufficiency

One of the most common causes of not thriving on a plant based diet is iodine deficiency. Iodine is needed for thyroid functioning. Your thyroid is a gland that can be found at the base of your throat. This gland produces the essential hormone Thyroxine that regulates energy metabolism in all the cells of the body. Dr. Klaper explains why most sea salts are not iodised and that there are better sources for iodine like the sea vegetables Arame, Wakame and Dulse.

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