The creators of the successful documentary “What the health” and “Cowspiracy” are now launching a (Vegan) meal planner. They created this platfrom to help all people transition towards a more plant-based diet, no matter what their current eating habits are.

How does the meal planner works?

Before you can start using the meal planner you should first take a personalised quiz so the application knows some more detailed information about you. The quiz contains questions like:

  • “What are your goals?”
  • “Are you cooking for other people?”
  • “How much time do you spend on cooking?”
  • “Do you have allergies?”
  • “What is in your kitchen?”

After your profile is created the platform can provide you with personalised recipes, tips, on demand help from experts and printable shopping lists who can also be ordered directly online.

What is the price of the meal planner?

The meal planner comes with two payment plans. $14,00 a month or $99,00 a year. The year plan saves you 40%.

How can I join the meal planner?

To join the What the health meal planner visit

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